Decluttering the Office

Decluttering the Office

Seriously, I was dreading this space in our home. Do you have a space you just shove things in and forget about them? Well, that’s most rooms of our house. Somewhere in between kids school, activities, jobs, feeding 5 humans and 1 dog, clutter just abounds.

I really wanted new furniture, but since that wasn’t in the cards right now, we made do with what we had. Eventually I cleared an entire cube organizer from the room and suddenly found I had quite a large office.

Memories were uncovered, lost pens were found, and it turns out we own a surprising number of staplers.

This is also the room where we have a display bookcase of all of our treasures from life. Inherited antiques, knick knacks from travel, precious tokens of memories made.

I am currently using the “Core 4” method from TikTok to declutter my entire house, one room at a time.

Basically you get everything out that doesn’t belong and just set it aside, then take everything out and go through it putting it into core categories. Step 3 is purging and step 4 is organizing into sub categories and putting it back. Extremely effective, we’ve not only junked about half a moving van from our home (I PAID MONEY to move actual garbage from PA to MN 🤦🏻‍♀️), but we have sold things and made money too!

Now is a great time for you to start decluttering your life too! Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Now that the office is done, it’s on to the mudroom. Send help.