Update, we’re still alive

Update, we’re still alive

Well, we made it! To over one year of parenthood and no one has died or fainted or even gone to the hospital. I’m not counting Ally’s mucocele because I’m convinced that if we don’t speak of the horrific event we won’t remember it. Ally’s birthday was a big success even though we didn’t throw a big party like Pinterest tells us to. We instead opted for our own photoshoot and smash cake, made by yours truly. Saved money, was more fun, and easier on poor Ally who was out sugared by 5PM.

We’ve made some improvements on our new house, adding open shelving to the kitchen, landscaping to the outside, and ripping out the guts of our entryway closet and re-doing. We’re learning a lot and can’t wait to tackle the “basement” downstairs of our tri level home.

Ally is walking now and exploring the world around her. She expresses herself rather loudly and we’re loving seeing her huge personality grow and become more boisterous every day. She also bites…hard. With her 10 teeth, it’s quite the bite.

Maggie has adjusted very well to her new best friend. They share toys, blankets, and food so what more can a dog ask for?

We’ve been horrible about posting, but that’s pretty much been it. Follow us on Instagram @NormanNest to see all of our photos.

Our journey continues and we promise to try to be better at posting!