Dog Grooming- my rant

Dog Grooming- my rant

Our adorable puppy Maggie has this beautiful fur that is adorable. It makes her face look adorable, her paws look adorable, you get the idea. In the picture from my previous post, you can see she was in desperate need of  a hair cut, so we took her to the Posh Pooch Pet Salon in Woodbury.  $70 later, she looked like this:



Yup, cute as a button, but I know you didn’t make it past $70 later…. I had a hard time too.

I’m sorry but cutting a dogs hair and putting in cheap bows should be no more than $25. After calling literally every dog groomer within a 15 mile radius, I have found that this is pretty normal. $50 plus tax & tip. Outrageous. I should get proficient at dog grooming and charge everyone on my street $20. I’d make a killing considering Maggie needs to be groomed at least every 2-3 weeks.

Since my plan for professional grooming failed, I went to Petsmart to find a pair of scissors. You know, the kind that won’t poke her eyes out. $30-$40 a pair. Uhhh are they TRYING to get me to get her professionally groomed?


And now I cut her hair while watching TV. OK she watches TV, I try not to kill her. I don’t think I can do her face though, she’s just too darn wiggly. And no, I’m nowhere near opening my own doggy grooming salon. Although it might be a decent business to invest in.

Stay tuned for, the stupidity of designer dog toys and accessories. And how I fall for marketing EVERY time.


  • Posted May 18, 2016 2:46 am 0Likes
    by Annoyed

    $25? That is ridiculous. You are better off grooming your dog yourself. We groomers give the dog a bath, blow dry the dog, cut and grind the nails, clean the ears, shave the butt-belly-pads, use our skill to trim the dog, even if the dog is jumping around. Even trim the face. Most places charge 15-20$ just to bathe dogs. Therefore, 25$ is preposterous.

    • Posted May 19, 2016 9:38 pm 0Likes
      by ntnorman

      Dear dog groomer, you are right. This was written a long time ago and since then, we’ve decided we cannot groom our own dog and happily pay the $70 to our beloved dog groomer! Sometimes even more if Maggie was ill behaved, you guys deserve big tips! Thanks for your comment and your work to make our puppies even more beautiful. I will write a new post on why you should groom your dog professionally!!!

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