Painting the Deck Rails

Painting the Deck Rails

Easier said than done.  That’s for sure.  Add in a little PIYO, a fluffy puppy staring you down, and enough flies to make you wonder if the Exorcism was real, and you have an afternoon at the Norman’s.

We decided to go with Behr paint, to go with our Behr DeckOver.  More on that later…


We chose Marquee because of its durability and resistance to mold and mildew.  It comes in pure white and we went with that.  Nick wanted shiny so we got the semi-gloss.  It’s very shiny.

The paint was a little runnier than interior paints.  I’ve never used an exterior paint but I think this is normal. Over all we got pretty good coverage but it did need a 2nd coat in places.  Since the rails were already white, it was sometimes hard to see what had been painted and what hadn’t, and then in the glistening afternoon sun, you could totally see thanks to the shiny of the paint we chose. Yay us.

Here’s before we painted, we had to scrape the entire thing.

IMG_0788That’s right. The. Whole. Deck. It took us one day after work to scrape and then a little more scraping done by me while watching Maggie run around.  Here’s what we’re working with. It’s a 2 story deck with 2 actual decks, and about 600 sq feet of decking.IMG_0791

And then probably 6 hours total of painting.

Here’s a close up of the railing after painting:



It’s a little dewy outside right now, but it’s much improved.  Now if we can just get the deck done before W-Day.  That’s Wilson Day when the entire Wilson clan descends upon us. Heaven help us all.