Easier said than done.  That’s for sure.  Add in a little PIYO, a fluffy puppy staring you down, and enough flies to make you wonder if the Exorcism was real, and you have an afternoon at the Norman’s.

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When we bought our house, one of the burners on our Samsung gas range oven would work on and off.  We actually had the Samsung guy come out and look at it and wouldn’t you know, it worked while he was here. Recently it started acting up again.

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So after literally years of staring at Pinterest, pinning like a mad woman, I finally had a kitchen I could change when we bought our house a year ago. I also had my husband on video promising me a kitchen makeover. Continue reading

Slowly but surely we are tackling every room in the house updating and adding our own personal touches.  The main floor bathroom was a must redo.  The brass light fixture, white walls, 80’s mirror. It was like my grandma’s house. Sorry Grandma.

Unfortunately we moved way too fast to take “before” pictures.


We swapped out a the fixtures, replaced a toilet seat (which we broke, it wasn’t terrible before, but the lesson for today is a toilet seat is not a good substitute for a step stool), and painted. Amazing what a little bit of work does.




Now, we just have to paint over the two spackled holes that were a mistake we are not supposed to talk about 🙂


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September 3, 2013