2023, the year of “we”

2023, the year of “we”

So many changes, I’m honestly unsure where to start.

We abandoned this blog when we realized we were expecting Drake. An entire human being. We moved to a different home in PA, then right around when I was ready to give birth, Nick got the call that we were heading back to MN. So, we packed up, moved out with a newborn (1 month old) baby, came home to MN, lived in a different house, built the one we are currently living in back in Lake Elmo. WHEW! I mean, it feels like only yesterday we were posting about our new house in PA.

Ally is now 6, in the 1st Grade. She can read. She can read honestly a little too well.

Max is 4, in preschool and learning to not yell so much.

Drake is 3 and is homeschooled.

2023 will be the year of we for the Norman Family. We will focus on God, ourselves, and figure out what His plan is for us. It’s a new year. 2022 saw some ups and some really big downs for us. But God remained faithful through it all. Growing up, my mom used to quote Phil. 4:13 to me constantly. Amazing how you never know you are going to need something so much years from then. But we truly can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

We will be posting much more regularly, as we chronicle our journey into homeschooling, drawing closer to God, taking care of our family, and our daily activities. This is more for us, but if our posts reach even one other person and helps them in some aspect of their life, then I will be grateful God used me in such a way. Thank you for being here.