2 whole months!

2 whole months!

Life with a  two month baby is going pretty well. Ally is so much fun and her little personality is starting to show through.  She loves snuggles and her bouncer.  She can follow toys with her eyes and likes feeling them with her little hands. She is starting to laugh at things, although it’s not a real laugh yet, we’re working on that. She smiles a lot and overall is a great baby.  Her first check up is next week so we’re excited to see what she weighs because this little baby is getting kind of heavy!

She just spent a few days up north with Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Erik.  She had a great time and had LOTS of snuggles from everyone. Her first time away from Mom and Dad went pretty well and Mom and Dad got a much needed mini vacation to Pennsylvania.

We’re busy updating things around the house, cleaning out cupboards and closets and going through bins.  Boy do we have a LOT of stuff! This purge is way overdue and maternity leave is a great time to do it. Christina is busy reorganizing everything and Nick is working on the outside of the house weeding and weeding and more weeding.

Maggie is adjusting well to Ally, she likes to snuggle as close to her as possible.  She also likes to chew on Ally’s pacifiers and today Christina caught Maggie trying to steal it right out of Ally’s mouth. So that’s happening.

This month Christina is going to gradually transition back into working and should be full time back in July. We are truly blessed that we don’t have to deal with day care or child care of any kind!