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Golfing and Tour of the Stars

In spite of the high prices for golf here in Maui, we managed to find a decent deal for Nick to play some golf. He played, I drove the cart. We met some really fun people and had a great time even though it was terribly hot.

The course had beautiful views of the ocean.

Then, last night we did this Tour of the Stars thing where they take you to the roof of the Hyatt.  We were impressed because we assumed it would be a bunch of people on the roof looking at the stars and trying to make heads or tails of constellations. Instead we found ourselves amidst really cool telescopes and binoculars. We were able to see the moon, the middle of the milky way, another galaxy, and a bunch of constellations up close! Unfortunately the rain cut our tour short, but not before we got some great pictures. The picture of the moon below was taken with our own camera. So you can see what we saw!









And here is our moon picture and then a photo of us standing in front of the telescope that allowed us to get such a great view of the moon!




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