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Yesterday, Nick finally walked in his commencement ceremony for his MBA from Bethel University. He worked really hard, studying on weekends when he could have been golfing, sitting in class every Wednesday for two years. What a tremendous joy to see his accomplishment yesterday! Ally was great and slept through the entire thing, but no worries, we filmed it so she can watch it later.






Ally is 6 weeks old, I’m not sure where the last 6 weeks went! She’s gone through her first wonder week, the week of changing sensations. Basically she’s woken up to the world around her and has given us her first few smiles when we smile at her. Nick is IMG_2981really enjoying being able to interact with Ally.  Christina is too, but Nick didn’t really know what to do with her before. Ally is sleeping for 5-6 hour stretches. Or at least she was until she hit the 6 week growth spurt. This is supposed to last a few days but this is also peak fussy time. Oh joy. She has already outgrown all of her newborn things, and now is into 3 months clothing. She’s so tall, it’s a little crazy because we aren’t sure where she gets all that length from. Certainly not either of her parents!

Nick decided it was time to update the house… So we’re up to our eyeballs in projects. Nick loves being a “project guy”. Our house right now has half maroon shutters, half black. Christina is loving the new black shutters and can’t wait for them all to be up! The shed already looks great, thanks to Nick and Erik.

We’ve got new lighting and bathroom fixtures hanging out in the living room. Now we just have to get after those projects. Little by little, we’ll get it all done. Deck changes are in the wings as well, and new front door and basement door projects too! It’s going to be a busy summer!

It’s weird to think that we’re parents. It’s all still pretty new, so Mother’s Day was an odd experience. IMG_2909 (1)Ally and Christina went up to Duluth to the Mother Daughter banquet at church.  They had a fantastic time with the ladies at Northstar Baptist and Grandma Wilson.  They also got to see a bunch of old friends and catch up. The ride home was not nearly as bad as the ride home from McGregor last week, so that was a relief. And Grandma Wilson was there to make sure the pacifier didn’t leave Ally’s mouth.

Sunday we were all joined by Erik and Tarah and Grandpa Wilson. And Ruger. It was quite the get together! It’s so fun to be able to have the entire family together. We missed Seth, but he’ll meet Ally soon.

Ally decided that her gift to Mommy would be to sleep all night for the first time ever. IMG_2912Christina got 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep for the first time since probably the beginning of the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. So…November. It was glorious. Here’s to hoping she repeats this and Daddy can get some sleep too! Right now we’re alternating on the 11PM feed to see if we can’t start looking a little more human.


We can’t believe one month has gone by since Ally has graced us with her presence. She’s truly a gift. She’s discovered her mobile above her bounceroo- (Nick loves everything made by the 4moms company).  She eats pretty well, and sleeps great at night only waking up twice! Last night she went 4 hours in between feeds, so hopefully by month 2 she’ll be sleeping mostly through the night. **knocks on wood*

She is doing really well at lifting her head, it’s amazing how much she’s transformed in just one month. Her little personality is starting to show, and it’s so much fun interacting with her.

Grandma Wilson has been a lifesaver, coming down almost every week for a few days to help out so Christina can sleep. We’re not sure what we would have done without her.

Grandpa Wilson met Ally this week too, we think they will get along just great.

Ally also loves Grandpa Norman a lot, they’re pretty good snuggle buddies.  Ally can’t wait to get out on the lake, but we think we’ll hold off on that for a little bit…just for now. 🙂


On April 4, Ally decided to make her appearance, 2 days before her due date! She is now 2 weeks old and is overall a pretty good little baby.  We’re adjusting to life with a newborn and even Maggie has had to make some changes.  Ally likes to sleep and eat and be held, just like every other newborn baby out there. Last week she had her newborn photo shoot, and we’re excited to share those pictures next week when we get them from the photographer.

Christina is doing well, recovery hasn’t been the easiest, but Grandma Wilson has been helping a lot and Nick has been a rockstar dad.

Ally is working on holding up her head, and she can for just a few seconds.  We think she just had her first growth spurt, or at least is in the middle of one.  We’re taking pictures like crazy, what on earth did people do before smart phones? Speaking of which, Maggie knocked mine into the bathtub yesterday, so it’s now been sealed in a bag of rice for the next 48 hours. I’ll let everyone know how that turns out.

2016 is here and we haven’t posted in awhile.  This new year will bring big changes, as we are expecting a little girl in April! We are beyond excited, and as the weeks go by the pressure to prepare intensifies.  You’ll start to see a lot more projects out of us, now that the sickness has passed and so have the Holidays.

So far, pregnancy has been a little rough on us, particularly Christina, as we battled severe morning sickness for months.  It subsided right before our big trip to France, so we were able to enjoy our “babymoon” and the holidays.  The only real issue now is that Christina’s rings don’t fit and she’s really bummed. Her struggle is real.


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