Ally is 6 weeks old, I’m not sure where the last 6 weeks went! She’s gone through her first wonder week, the week of changing sensations. Basically she’s woken up to the world around her and has given us her first few smiles when we smile at her. Nick is IMG_2981really enjoying being able to interact with Ally.  Christina is too, but Nick didn’t really know what to do with her before. Ally is sleeping for 5-6 hour stretches. Or at least she was until she hit the 6 week growth spurt. This is supposed to last a few days but this is also peak fussy time. Oh joy. She has already outgrown all of her newborn things, and now is into 3 months clothing. She’s so tall, it’s a little crazy because we aren’t sure where she gets all that length from. Certainly not either of her parents!

Nick decided it was time to update the house… So we’re up to our eyeballs in projects. Nick loves being a “project guy”. Our house right now has half maroon shutters, half black. Christina is loving the new black shutters and can’t wait for them all to be up! The shed already looks great, thanks to Nick and Erik.

We’ve got new lighting and bathroom fixtures hanging out in the living room. Now we just have to get after those projects. Little by little, we’ll get it all done. Deck changes are in the wings as well, and new front door and basement door projects too! It’s going to be a busy summer!

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