When we bought our house, one of the burners on our Samsung gas range oven would work on and off.  We actually had the Samsung guy come out and look at it and wouldn’t you know, it worked while he was here. Recently it started acting up again.

Google searches told us to clean it, but there wasn’t any “gunk” or “crud” in the little hole where the gas is supposed to go into the area to pool and then light on fire.


Everything looked spotless.  Ok, not spotless, but not gunky or cruddy.  I decided that since vinegar and baking soda can clean anything, I’d give it a go.  I soaked a paper towel in white vinegar and wiped everything down.  Not only did it clean it when I thought it already was clean but that baby lit right up! So if your burner doesn’t light and you see no crud, try wiping everything down with vinegar.


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