We’re in the midst of painting our kitchen cabinets white and our kitchen is a D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R! I was able to gain access to the microwave and fridge, but after all my scrubbing with TSP to get out the kitchen cooking oils, I wasn’t about to crank on the stove and add more of the oils to bare wood.  Stay tuned for our “how to” post on painting your kitchen cabinets!

Anyways, on to the review!

I’ve seen these in the store, but never used them and figured what the hey, I add the meat, I add the sauce, I nuke the rice, DINNER! Easy-peasy.

Couple things have already gone wrong, I spent 20 min in Walmart looking for crock-pot liners, FOUND them and also purchased chuck steaks, not chuck roast.  This is actually OK since they are the same thing, but I have 1 lb, not 2-3 lbs. Whatever, it’ll be saucier, like Nick likes it. But I do feel like I could have had more leftovers. Oh well.

A lot of reviews on this flavor in particular have been very favorable, so here we go, it smells awfully good cooking.  I let it cook while we slapped on the first coat of actual paint.

Turns out I had an OK amount of meat.  Maybe a pound more, but 3 pounds would have been way too much and I feel there would have been no sauce, just meat. So if that’s your thing, go with three. The flavor was kind of tangy, but pretty good!

I threw some cilantro paste (love that stuff!) and lime juice into the brown rice and Whala! Chipotle dinner. Nick was happy, I was glad for pretty minimal mess and cleanup, and we got back to painting. All in all, I give it a 4.

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