Meet Lady Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Puppy of Puppydom.  Affectionately known as Maggie.  We will most likely be posting ridiculously cute photos all the time and keeping you updated on her progress as she trains on how to be the world’s best behaved puppy. As a mix of Bichon, Shih Tzu, and Poodle, she is not only non-shedding but very smart and affectionate.

Right now, she is crate training.  She knows that the crate is fun during the day, but for the last two nights she cries at night.  This very second as I type this, she is napping with the door closed in her kennel.  Granted, I closed the door while she was sleeping, so she doesn’t know the door is closed, but hey, I’ll take progress when it comes.

Since this is our very first ever live thing, except for the bamboo which met an unfortunate early demise, we are optimistic that we will be great dog parents. Stay tuned.

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