2016 is here and we haven’t posted in awhile.  This new year will bring big changes, as we are expecting a little girl in April! We are beyond excited, and as the weeks go by the pressure to prepare intensifies.  You’ll start to see a lot more projects out of us, now that the sickness has passed and so have the Holidays.

So far, pregnancy has been a little rough on us, particularly Christina, as we battled severe morning sickness for months.  It subsided right before our big trip to France, so we were able to enjoy our “babymoon” and the holidays.  The only real issue now is that Christina’s rings don’t fit and she’s really bummed. Her struggle is real.


I’ll admit it. I watched every episode of Married at First Sight at least once if not twice. I was obsessed. Could these strangers find the secret to marriage in 6 weeks!? Would they find their fairy tale and live happily ever after? I need my brain examined.

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Our beautiful home has been upturned, in some ways literally by a recent vole infestation.  These seemingly innocent little creatures have destroyed my once thriving hill of plants in our backyard. Here is a vole, or field mouse: Continue reading

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