Nick here, writing to you from Kaanapali Beach in Maui. Christina is packing warm clothes for our trek up the Haleakala crater tomorrow, so I’ve been asked to fill in. We had an exciting day exploring the western side of the island. Our first stop was Black Rock, a location known for having great snorkeling, marine life, and a large black rock. We were not disappointed. Visitors looking for a thrill will scale the rock formation and jump more than twenty feet back into the ocean. Not being in a thrill seeking mood, Christina and I elected to take pictures and move on to more sightseeing.

The surfer dude we rented snorkeling equipment from recommended a drive up the north shore of Maui to the Nakalele Blowhole. It’s kind of like Old Faithful only it is on the ocean and erupts every 2-3 minutes. The drive there was interesting with narrow roads and one lane bridges cut through the mountains along with some road construction. I managed to get us there in one piece however.

We ended the day by the pool and had a great dinner at Roy’s on the golf course. So now it’s off to bed, we have a 1:40 AM wakeup call to catch the sunrise on Haleakala.


Aloha and good evening.

Black Rock from the beach

Black Rock from the beach

Drive through the jungle to Nakalele Point

Drive through the jungle to Nakalele Point

One of the many rustic warning signs along the way

One of the many rustic warning signs along the way

IMG_0883 IMG_0892

Managed to find road construction even out here

Managed to find road construction even out here


In spite of the high prices for golf here in Maui, we managed to find a decent deal for Nick to play some golf. He played, I drove the cart. We met some really fun people and had a great time even though it was terribly hot.

The course had beautiful views of the ocean.

Then, last night we did this Tour of the Stars thing where they take you to the roof of the Hyatt.  We were impressed because we assumed it would be a bunch of people on the roof looking at the stars and trying to make heads or tails of constellations. Instead we found ourselves amidst really cool telescopes and binoculars. We were able to see the moon, the middle of the milky way, another galaxy, and a bunch of constellations up close! Unfortunately the rain cut our tour short, but not before we got some great pictures. The picture of the moon below was taken with our own camera. So you can see what we saw!









And here is our moon picture and then a photo of us standing in front of the telescope that allowed us to get such a great view of the moon!




So we are staying at the Hyatt Regency in Maui. It’s a gorgeous resort complete with a waterslide, pool with waterfalls, beach and wildlife. There is a parrot that says “Aloha”, penguins, white and black swans, koi fish, and flamingos. It even has a Macy’s. Which is having a clearance sale.

We went snorkeling today and saw some great stuff, we caught a lot of it on video and took some great pictures, and then when we got back to the room, we realized we didn’t have an SD card in there. Sooo you will have to wait until we get home to find a cord. Maybe we’ll grab the SD card out of the other camera and stick it in this one when we head back out.

Nick’s back is pretty red, so we’ll see what happens. Turns out SPF 30 in Maui is pretty much just a pricey moisturizer.

In the meantime, please enjoy the picture below of the Banyan Tree, a very famous tree here in the town of Lahaina. To read about the town’s history and the tree, click HERE.

The Banyan Tree

The Banyan Tree

Also, because we are kind of bad at posting, please enjoy this picture of the Sunset in Oahu.


Sunset over Ko'Olina, taken with my camera phone.

Sunset over Ko’Olina, taken with my camera phone.

Well, it certainly is beautiful here on the Island of Oahu. We are staying at the Ko’Olina Beach Club, which is pretty sweet. With it’s myriad of pools and buildings, it seems as though everyone is pretty spread out, and the lagoon is whale free, which Nick is happy about.

Yesterday we went to Pearl Harbor and today we climbed Diamond Head.

I’ll start with Pearl Harbor. As you know, Nick and I love America. A lot. It was extremely moving to see the sites at Pearl Harbor.  It was a reminder of how wonderful and strong our country is, and how quickly that freedom can be taken away.

Not only did we take in the museums that were apparently recently built, but we somehow managed to click our way to a Groupon discount for the Aviation Museum. Nick had a great time looking at the planes. How we ever won a war in those old things, I will never know.

The USS Arizona

The USS Arizona

Nick <3's planes

Nick <3’s planes

Today, like I said, we hiked up Diamond Head. Well, we sort of walked extremely fast up an uneven pathway and many. many. stairs. Much like Po in Kung Fu Panda. Except we did not get rice rolls. We got super awesome pictures, check it out!

The beginning of our trek.

The beginning of our trek.

View from half way up.

View from half way up.

That's our car, waaay down there!

That’s our car, waaay down there!


We made it!

A few notes, don’t wear flip flops. We didn’t, we don’t regret it. Some lady was in wedge flip flops in front of us, it’s a miracle she is alive. And you should totally get this Hawaiian shave ice. It’s like a thousand times better than normal snow cones.

MMMM Shave Ice.

MMMM Shave Ice.


Off to Maui in the early morning!


Off to Oahu! We are so pumped!!!!

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