This year, we did not make it home for Thanksgiving and I knew that I had to prepare a feast even though it was just 2.5 of us. The task was daunting. Even though I wanted to preserve tradition, I felt like I had to put my own spin on things.  So I did an herb roasted turkey, stuffed with a combination of 3 stuffing recipes, mashed potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, made from scratch green bean casserole and a made from scratch pumpkin pie (crust and all!).

We decided to skip rolls entirely, and Nick prefers canned cranberries…like the kind where you can see the rings from the can. I didn’t even know that existed until I met him.

Made from scratch, crust to toppings!

Made from scratch, crust to toppings!

Everything was set, our pie turned out great.  We woke up Thanksgiving morning ready to rumble. Except the turkey was still partially frozen. AHH! 3 FaceTime calls with my mom later, our turkey was thawed and in the oven. It turns out, Thanksgiving is an exhausting day filled with carefully timed moments of kitchen panic and chaos. And never ending cleaning. All to sit down and stuff your faces for 20 minutes and then more cleaning.


Ally, before she knew what pie was.


Ally loved pumpkin pie the most. This was the first time she has ever really cried because we took something away. Uh-oh. I think we created a monster.


Ally, after she’d tasted the sweet, sweet taste of pumpkin pie

She’s also getting her first tooth. While it hasn’t yet quite popped through, it’s definitely there and we expect to see it in a few days. That is, if she will let us get close enough to her mouth to see.

We’re still struggling with eczema on her face, especially now that the dry winter weather is upon us. I’m putting Eucerine on her 3 times a day but she still scratches her face at night. It looks like we beat her. Or we have a vicious cat. Any suggestions?

We hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving with your family and friends!

Lots has happened since our last post. Ally was finally diagnosed with a mucocele in her mouth, a blocked saliva gland.  It eventually got so inflamed and swollen that we saw it and immediately took her in.  After being examined by 2 doctors, she was referred to Children’s Hospital here in St. Paul. 2 minutes into our visit, we had our answer.  We gave it 2 weeks to see if it would resolve on its own and then scheduled her for out patient surgery.  On August 1, Ally underwent a 20 minute procedure and BAM! 5 minutes after coming out of recovery she resumed normal eating. What a huge relief! It’s not reflux, it’s not a milk allergy, she’s totally normal. She’s eating normal formula and just moved to a big girl 4 hour schedule. We sure do love our Ally bear.

In other news, Nick has been given a promotion and a relocation to central Pennsylvania.  We are excited for what our future holds.  We will most likely be relocating within a month. Our house is on the market and we’re praying it sells soon. We’ve never sold a house before and out patience is wearing thin but we remain hopeful, optimistic, and prayerful.

Ally is weighing in at 17 pounds and is 27 inches tall. That puts her in the 95th percentile. She is about to start solid food and we are looking forward to the fun and messy time that will be. We’ve purchased spoons, a high chair and rice cereal and we’ll keep you posted on what happens next!

Our struggle continues, but we went to see a different doctor.  This one really heard us and gave us a plan of action. We’re glad that we kept seeing different ones.  She diagnosed Ally with severe acid reflux and a Milk Soy Protein Intolerance or MSPI.  This is not very common, it occurs in about 3-4% of infants. Leave it to ours to be extraordinary.

She put Ally on nutramigen, which is a formula that tastes absolutely horrible. Poor little Ally, like her Zantac wasn’t disgusting enough. We can’t wait for her to be on solid foods so she can stop the madness!


Most children grow out of this intolerance enough to have dairy products back in their life, but probably will never be chugging a bottle of straight cow’s milk.

So far, she’s not been screaming during feeding.  We can tell she doesn’t care for the taste of the new formula but she drinks it well enough.  The doctor says she will get used to the taste and if it is MSPI we will see a drastic feeding difference in a few days.

Ally remains a happy, well developing child and is laughing and making all kinds of fun noises. She’s excited for Grandma Wilson’s visit this week!



We thought the formula switch solved things, but alas, things worsened. Ally would cry, scream and arch her back during every feeding.  We finally went to the doctor who diagnosed severe acid reflux and prescribed zantac.  The zantac doesn’t seem to be working, although it’s only been a few days.  I guess it can take up to a week to see if there is a change.

When not eating, Ally is a pretty happy baby.  She sleeps well, plays well, doesn’t fuss or cry.  Occasionally she’ll start crying out like she’s in pain but we now know that’s the reflux.

Silent reflux is when you have very few symptoms because the baby is swallowing not spitting it out. So the acid burns on the way up and on the way back down- double the pain. Our sweet little baby just toughed it out though except when we try to feed her.

In this photo, she’s wearing an outfit that was given to ME from Grandma Wilson (Myrt) when I was a baby! Unfortunately Ally is huge and this doesn’t fit her that well.  So the positive side to all this is that other than the difficulty eating, she IS eating and growing and developing at a normal rate. Pray for us that God gives us patience and calm and heals little Ally’s throat and tummy.  Some babies grow out of this by 3-4 months, some have it until they are on solid food only and no bottles. We’re hoping it’s soon!

Our normally sweet and sunny baby recently went through her first cold, coupled with a newly developed intolerance for every bottle we owned and her formula. It took us 2 weeks to figure everything out! We ordered new bottles, bought the entire cold section at Buy Buy Baby, and finally switched from Enfamil Newborn to Enfamil GentleEase. We aren’t entirely sure which one was the cure, our guess is all of it together, but we finally have our perfect baby back! Knock on wood…

Tummy time is also going well, she has all kinds of tummy time devices.  We’re stocking up on baby toys marked 3+ months.  It’s hard to believe it’s almost been 3 months. Time flies when you’re suctioning noses and feeding a baby in a hot steamy bathroom!

Ally is 10 weeks old, it’s been a LONG week. She had her first cold, which didn’t really look like a typical cold.  She was just stuffy and it took us awhile to figure that out.  Once we did though and we started feeding her in what Nick refers to as the Sauna, she was able to eat and breathe.  Really we just fed her in the bathroom, which grossed Christina out a little bit. It was a good incentive to scrub that whole bathroom. Because Ally slept a lot more, we got a lot of home projects done.  We have so much stuff it’s incredible. Christina managed to sell quite a few things online, which is always fun.

Just as Ally’s cold was reaching its peak, she got her 2 month shots. This was not fun. She vomited up the oral vaccine which was supposed to be the easy part. So we’re not really sure she got that one. Her actual shots went pretty smoothly.  No one passed out and the only one that screamed and cried was Ally, although Mom, covered in baby vomit, was tempted to join her. Ah the joys of parenthood. Ally2months

Today, Ally is finally eating somewhat normally, although we’ve been through a bottle battle.  The cold has made her picky and fussy.  Our normally very happy eater was fussing through every bottle. So after some bottle and nipple changes and probably $60 later, she’s back to normal. Thank goodness. We’re not sure how parents of colicky babies do it. But God is good and Ally is on the mend.

We go on our first road trip with Ally tomorrow. She’s been up North, which is about 2.5 hours each way, but this is 5 hours each way and we might not survive.  Seriously, this baby doesn’t cry unless she needs something- food, nap, her mobile turned off. She’s an incredibly good baby. You put her in the car, she screams. She hates the car. So pray for us and wish us luck. Christina is IN the wedding so it’s up to Nick to watch little Ally. We’ll let you know how it all goes.

Ally is a whopping 13 pounds, 1 ounce and 23 inches tall!

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